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🌨️[Splash Mania: Raincoat Run 2023]🌨️

Registration for Splash Mania: Raincoat Run 2023 is finally OPENAre you ready to take on the challenge of running in the rain ?

For your information, Raincoat Run is open to EVERYONE all around Malaysia, so what are you waiting for? Invite your friends and join us today!


  • Registration Period: 1st of March 2023 - 31st of March 2023

  • Fee: RM 45

  • Running distance: 4 KM

Each participant will receive their very own RACING KIT upon registration.

  • Raincoat Run T-shirt

  • Raincoat Run Medal

  • Water Gun

  • Raincoat

  • E-certificate

All profits will be donated to Dentistry For The Needy.

Come on, grab the chance to feel the rain and spread some kindness!

Click the link to register

Follow our instagram @raincoatrun_splashmania and stay tuned for further updates.

For any inquiries, do message

Lucas Lum - 0165968333

Neo Yan Shuang - 01157600580


SESI 2022/2023



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Mohd Firdaus
Mohd Firdaus
30 mars 2023

Ada slot free tag je 3 org kwn kt ig. Hehe mana tau rezeki. Sbb list lucky draw tak ramai.

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