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New Training Cycle Begins Today!

As of today, we are officially starting a new training cycle, which will run for the 8 weeks. Our primary focus will be on enhancing movement, performance, and muscle growth (hypertrophy).

Performance Work

This week we’re introducing a new concept of performance work. A training segment that covers strength, hypertrophy, plyometrics, and accessory work progressions based on the specific training cycle and its objectives.

The ultimate goal is to provide our members with well-rounded training for optimal health and longevity.

Performance Work Breakdown

Day 1

Squatting, Core Training (Anti-Rotation, Anti-Flexion), Grip Training

Day 2

Pushing (Horizontal), Pulling (Vertical, Horizontal)

Day 3

Hinging, Lunging, Plyometric Training

Day 4

Pushing (Vertical)

Day 5

Core Training (Flexion, Extension, Rotation)

Day 6

Teamwork (Team Training)

Similar to the former concept of accessory work, completing the performance work is optional, though strongly recommended.

Conditioning Workouts Intensity

While workout intensity matters, we emphasize that consistency and quality of movement should always be the priority in our program.

Unless instructed differently, you’re expected to maintain a standard Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) level 7-8 for each conditioning session. Avoid going above that unless explicitly noted in the workout notes, as it may lead to quick burnout. Pacing is key in our approach.

To ensure our members maintain an appropriate level of intensity, we provide workout formats (AMRAPs, EMOMs and so on) and incorporate built-in rest times into our program. However, it’s essential for each individual member to understand that extreme intensity isn’t a daily requirement.

Generally, our workouts will allow for 1 or 2 high-intensity days (where you can push to an RPE 9 or beyond) – these will be clearly marked in the workout notes.

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