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About Us

Stronger Together

Absolute Wellness was established in 2019, where our founder is a fitness professional who previously taught fitness classes on the playground.

Due to several factors such as rain, places to store exercise equipment, cleanliness so to provide comfort to the client, our client has changed the location from the playground to a business premises in section 14 shah alam.

The concept of exercise classes that are taught is more of a daily exercise that does not matter whether a person's fitness level is new or old. A combination of cardio and muscle training is suitable as a training for people who want to lose weight, become an athlete, and exercise physical fitness.

Now Absolute Wellness has been operating for over 5 years and managed to survive during mco. Thank you to everyone who continues to support and be with Absolute Wellness in good and bad times.

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Founder Story

Mohd Firdaus is a Professional Fitness Trainer with over 12 years’ experience. Prior to this he has a problem of excess weight of 150 kilograms, bad health condition and high uric acid. Managed to lose up to 60 kilograms of weight. He has exceptional testimony in losing weight.


Now he has become one of the inspirations for many people in Malaysia and helped Many people lose weight. Currently he is involved in triathlon and Ironman Langkawi 2016 & 2017 Completion.

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