Hypertrophy Programming Made Simple


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Speaker background:

Dr Arvin Raj , a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association with 15 years training experience and currently a Sports Medicine Physician (MSportsMed, UM) . He has also actively competed in local bodybuilding competitions including Mr Sarawak and Mr Selangor. He is also the Co-Founder of Barbell Machas which is a barbell sport podcast to deliver the latest information on the spicy science of lifting.

Seminar: Hypertrophy Programming Made Simple (Virtual)

The Hypertrophy seminar is a 3 hour course designed to educate coaches and athletes of the latest science and its application to hypertrophy training strategies. This seminar aims to furnish trainers and fitness enthusiast with the basic science and knowledge of hypertrophy. The aim is to teach participants how to program a basic hypertrophy training program using the tools that will be discussed during the seminar including how to design, progress and how to troubleshoot when the desired effect is not achieved.

What to expect:

Program Design for Muscle Hypertrophy

This seminar will provide the foundation for a hypertrophy program training design. The training principles are the guiding concepts that must be satisfied by all well-constructed programs, no matter how varied differing methodologies may be. The training principles are the first step in the process of taking a theoretical understanding of muscle physiology

  1. Physiology 101
  2. muscle fibre type
  3. myofibrillar vs sarcoplasmic hypertrophy
  4. type of muscular contraction
  5. sliding filament theory
  6. mechanisms of hypertrophy (major topic)
  1. Time under tension – traditional vs current understanding
  2. Why doesn’t power training elicit good hypertrophy response
  3. Task vs muscular failure
  4. Training volume
  5. Training frequency
  6. Sets and reps for hypertrophy
  7. Rest intervals
  8. Linear vs undulating periodisation – does it matter?
  9. Basic nutrition advise for hypertrophy


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