Rest Days

How To Pick Rest Days

Rest days are extremely important. They give your body the time to rebuild itself. How do you pick your rest days?

If you’re new to Absolute Wellness or functional fitness, we recommend selecting three days a week to workout, such as Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Be consistent.

Then, your rest days are the days in between.

Over weeks and months, you may notice your body becoming less sore after workouts. That’s great! Now, you can decide to push yourself a bit more by working out 4 days a week or with higher intensity.

For well-experienced athletes, we recommend a max of 5 workout days a week.

What To Do During Rest Days

During rest days, stay mobile to help reduce the soreness and enable faster muscle recovery. Your blood will circulate nutritens faster to your hungry muscles.

Go for walks, hikes, light jogs. Use stairs. Stand rather than sit. Use a foam roller. In essence, keep moving around but wthout entering the high intesity zone.


Please reach out to your Absolute Wellness Coach. We’re here to help!

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