Live Workout Absolute Wellness

Thanks for your input on preferred class times! Based on everyone’s availability, we’ll be hosting live Absolute classes during these times. We will be live on Absolute Wellness FB Pages, Here and Instagram Here

What will you cover during the workout?

I’ll lead you through the warm-up, conditioning workout, and cool down.

What equipment will I need?

The workouts will either be “no equipment only” or need just dumbbells (or any weights at home).

On the same day, will the workouts be the same?

Yes, the workout will be the same. So, during the same day, please attend just one of the times. Different days will have different workouts.

How long will the class be, in total?

It should be under an hour. We’ll go over the movements and workouts together as well.

This is our first attempt at live classes, so it’s a learning opportunity for us too. We aim to learn and get better over time. To this end, your feedback after the classes would be greatly appreciated. If this becomes popular, we’ll look to continue offering classes!

If you guys have any question or feedback please email us info@absolutewellness.my

Looking forward to working out with you all!!

See you soon!


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