Chicken Wrap

Sandwiches are not evil and they are not unhealthy, especially if you make your own. The problem with most store-bought lunch options is that they are filled with preservatives to ensure their longer shelf life. They won’t give you more meat, either, because meat is expensive. They won’t give you a lot of fresh vegetables either so it will be mostly bread and butter or mayonnaise. 

If you make your own sandwiches or wraps, you don’t even need to add any extra sauce most of the time. You use the juice from vegetables to make them moist. Tomatoes and cucumbers work best. If you grill your own meat, you are in charge of the quality and quantity in the sandwich, too. 

You can make a tasty and a healthy premium quality sandwich you can’t find on a supermarket shelf. It just takes a little bit of organisation and thinking ahead. You may spend less when you buy ready but you get half the quality.

a handfull of lettuce
handful of cooked chicken chips
tortilla wrap
Makes 1 portion
330 Calories per serving
37g protein
9g fat
27g carbohydrates
  1. Start with a tortilla wrap. Add washed lettuce leaves, cucumber strips, tomato slices. Add shredded cooked chicken breast. Note: keep the filling closer to the top for easier wrapping later.
  2. Wrap it up.

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