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8 Manfaat Senaman HIIT

HIIT High Interval Intensity Training yang juga dikenali sebagai latihan berselang-selang intensiti tinggi atau latihan selang masa, adalah satu bentuk latihan interval, satu strategi latihan kardiovaskular yang menggantikan tempoh singkat latihan anaerobik yang tinggi dengan tempoh pemulihan yang pendek, sehingga terlalu letih untuk meneruskan. Weight Loss – Turun berat tetapi bukan turun jisim otot. Mencabar […]

Find Out How Plyometric Training Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Plyometrics: The Key To Making Your Workouts More Effective Plyometric or “shock training” exercises are a highly effective way to build strength, speed, power, and agility. I love incorporating plyometrics into my training because it is so efficient — just minutes of plyo training can burn calories to build muscle, and even give you a […]

Muscle Recovery: 13 Proven Ways To Speed It Up

If you’ve been on your health and fitness journey for a while now, you would know that taking a rest day is just as important as regular exercise. But how can you speed up the recovery process and get the results you are training for? If you’ve ever experienced delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) — that crippling muscle […]

Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery now accepted in Absolute Wellness

Now you can checkout with this 3 payment type: Billplz – Online Banking, FPX Bank Transfer – you need to bank in manually to absolute resources bank account and email the order no and transaction slip to Cash on Delivery – Pay cash at Absolute Wellness studio and mention your order no.