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Should You Eat Carbs After An Evening Run?

Everybody is talking about carbohydrates, or carbs as they are commonly called. Your body requires carbs to provide it with energy and it is good at making efficient use of them. The macronutrient can be burned with (aerobic) or without (anaerobic) oxygen. Fat, on the other hand, always requires plenty of oxygen. Plus, it takes twice as […]

Absolute Relay Run

Kami akan mengadakan fun events relay run secara percuma, larian ini akan di buat secara berkumpulan. Kumpulan akan di undi, mengikut nama yang berdaftar. Larian selama 30minit, dan kita tengok kumpulan mana yang kumpul points paling banyak. Events ni percuma, hari sabtu jam 8:00am flag off. Sila dtg awal sebelum waktu flag off. Tandas, tempat […]